Article 1 ‹Nishitetsu Hotel Group Loyalty Program Members›
(1) The Nishitetsu Hotel Group loyalty program members (the “members”) are those who approve the terms and conditions in this contract and apply for the Nishitetsu Hotel Group Loyalty Program (“this membership program”) at any of the hotels (the “member hotels”) of the Nishitetsu Hotel Group (“our hotel group”), and those who are granted admission by our hotel group.
(2) This membership program is operated by Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co., Ltd.
Article 2 ‹Member Registration›
(1) You can apply to this membership program at any of the member hotels. Select the dedicated member card (the “dedicated card”), your Nimoca card (“Nimoca”), or your Osaifu Keitai® (mobile wallet) as your membership card for temporary registration.
(2) Read through the terms and conditions stipulated herein, and then input the necessary information on the member registration website, shown in the brochure for member registration given upon temporary registration, or fill in the necessary fields on the designated application form and submit it to a member hotel; this completes member registration.
(3) Once member registration is complete, you will be able to use the Nishitetsu Hotel Group points (the “points”) awarded by staying at the member hotels. All points can be transferred to a new member card upon re-registration of the card, for example after a dedicated card is reissued due to loss or theft, when Nimoca is changed, or when the Osaifu Keitai® (mobile wallet) mobile phone is changed.
Article 3 ‹Members’ Rights›
(1) Membership is valid and the member card is accepted at all the member hotels.
(2) The member card can be used only by the registered member. Members cannot transfer or lend any of the members’ rights to third parties.
(3) Members are not allowed to possess more than one member card. If a member possesses more than one card, he/she should declare it at a member hotel and disable all member cards except one. The member forfeits the points in the disabled cards.
Article 4 ‹Members’ Benefits›
(1) Members can accrue benefits by scanning the member card with a reader (or by presenting it, for some services). Benefits cannot be acquired retroactively, even if the member presents the member card afterward.
(2) Members can accrue points by taking a designated procedure when staying at a member hotel.
(3) Members can use points to pay for accommodation fees at a member hotel, or exchange the points for various products.
(4) Members can extend check-out time by 1 hour, if requested upon check-in, when staying at a member hotel (except Nishitetsu Grand Hotel and Solaria Nishitetsu Hotel).
(5) Members can present the member card to get discounts at restaurants and shops (the “member stores”) of some member hotels.
(If the member does not have the dedicated card, he/she must get a member certificate from the front desk of the hotel offering the desired discount service, and present this certificate to the member store(s).)
(6) If members subscribe to the e-mail newsletter of our hotel group (the “e-mail newsletter subscriber”), he/she can acquire further benefits. E-mail newsletter subscribers can get useful information about special products exclusive for e-mail newsletter subscribers, and obtain campaign points. In addition, e-mail newsletter subscribers who frequently use the member hotels and reach a certain level are upgraded to gold membership, accessing additional benefits, including a higher point accrual rate.
Article 5 ‹Granting of Points›
(1) When a member stays at a member hotel and scans the member card with a reader at the time of making the payment, he/she can acquire points based on the standards stipulated in Article 8, according to the room fee and reservation method.
(2) When a member does not pay the accommodation fee at the hotel itself—for instance, when he/she pays in advance—he/she must scan the member card at the standard of payment (i.e., at check-in or check-out; varies according to member hotel) to obtain points.
(3) In the case of a one-night stay, granted points will be enabled immediately after completion of the procedures specified in the preceding two clauses. However, if a member stays more than 1 night and completes the procedure to acquire points upon check-in, points for each night’s stay will be enabled sequentially.
(4) Points cannot be combined or transferred between the members. In addition, if a single member possesses more than one member card, the points cannot be combined or transferred between the cards.
Article 6 ‹Use of Points›
(1) Members can use 3,000 points or more for payment of the accommodation fee (1 point = 1 yen). Members may pay the entire accommodation fee using points. Points can be used only for payment of the accommodation fee, not for payment of an accommodation plan. (For instance, for a plan with a 1,000-yen ticket, the member must pay 1,000 yen in cash.) When members use points for payment of the accommodation fee in a member hotel overseas, the value of the points in local currency will be calculated at our specified rate, and the calculated value will be subtracted from the accommodation fee.
(2) Members can exchange points for various products. Available products and points required for the exchange are subject to change without prior notice; the latest information given on the official website of the member hotels (the “official website”) is considered effective.
(3) Once members complete the procedure to redeem points, the action cannot be canceled.
Article 7 ‹Transfer of Points›
Members can transfer points to other loyalty programs affiliated with our hotel group according to the conditions stipulated by our hotel group. To transfer points, the member must complete the procedure through the official website’s My Page service; the procedure cannot be done at a member hotel. Once members complete the procedure to transfer points, the action cannot be canceled.
Article 8 ‹Standards for Granting of Points›
(1) When members make a reservation directly by phone, via the front desk of a member hotel or the official website, points are granted at the rate of 10 points per 100 yen of the room fee (excluding tax and service fees). When members stay at a member hotel overseas, the room fee is converted into Japanese yen at our specified rate, and the points are granted at the rate of 10 points per 100 yen. When members use accumulated points for payment of a room fee, points will be calculated and granted based on the paid amount.
(2) When members make a reservation by any means other than those given in the preceding clause, for instance through a travel agency or other travel website, 300 points per room per night will be granted, regardless of the room fee.
(3) Regarding the preceding two clauses, points will be granted only for the room in which the member himself/herself stays. If the member does not pay a room fee (e.g., when he/she pays the fee using accumulated points), points will not be granted.
Article 9 ‹Correction of Points›
When points based on the standards stipulated in the preceding article cannot be granted due to computer failure or paperwork error at a member hotel, the member’s accumulated points may be corrected without giving notice to the member. Your understanding is appreciated in this matter.
Article 10 ‹Validity of Points›
The points validity period is two (2) years from the last day the member card is used. If the member card is not used for two years, all accumulated points will expire.
Article 11 ‹Suspension of Use of Points›
Use of a member card’s accumulated points may be temporarily suspended due to computer failure or other issue. Your understanding is appreciated in this matter.
Article 12 ‹Loss/Theft of Member Card›
(1) If a member’s card is lost, stolen, etc.; if he/she changes the mobile phone using Osaifu Keitai® (mobile wallet); or if he/she changes Nimoca, he/she must go to a member hotel to reissue a dedicated card or re-register the member card. If member registration has previously already been completed, accumulated points will be transferred to a new member card.
(2) When a dedicated card must be reissued due to loss or theft, the member is asked to pay a processing fee of 500 yen. When the card is reissued at a member hotel overseas, the 500 yen processing fee is converted into the local currency at our specified rate, and the member is asked to pay a calculated amount equivalent to 500 yen.
(3) Our hotel group bears no responsibility for damage caused by loss, theft, etc. of the member card.
Article 13 ‹Damage/Breakage of Card›
When member information cannot be read due to damage or breakage of a dedicated card, a new card will be issued at a member hotel. In this case, the processing fee stipulated in clause 2 of the preceding article is not charged.
Article 14 ‹Change of Registered Address, etc.›
Members should contact a member hotel to change their registered address or other information. The address can be changed from My Page on the official website as well.
Article 15 ‹Withdrawal›
Members may cancel this contract and withdraw from the program at any time. To withdraw from the program, the member must contact a member hotel. When a member withdraws from the program, he/she must return the dedicated card. Accumulated points will be forfeit upon application for withdrawal.
Article 16 ‹Presentation of ID›
Member ID must be verified to secure the member’s rights before re-issuance of a dedicated card due to loss or damage, etc.; change in registered name and/or address, etc.; or transfer of accumulated points to a new Nimoca or Osaifu Keitai®. Members will be asked to present an ID, such as a driver’s license, to confirm identification. Your cooperation is appreciated in this matter.
Article 17 ‹Supply of Information›
When any addition and/or change is made to the benefits, notification will be made on the official website. Information may also be distributed to e-mail newsletter subscribers via e-mail, etc.
Article 18 ‹Change/Termination of Contract›
(1) Our hotel group may change this contract without prior notice to the members. Changes will be announced on the official web site, and if members continue to use this membership program after changes are made, it is understood that they have given consent to the changes.
(2) After changes are made, only the new terms and conditions will be applicable to this membership program.
Article 19 ‹Disqualification of Membership›
A member may be disqualified from membership based on violation of this contract, making false declaration upon admission, providing invalid or out of date contact information, causing inconvenience to other customers of a member hotel during his/her stay, causing damage to the operation of a member hotel, or engaging in customer conduct deemed inappropriate by our hotel group. In the case of disqualification, all accumulated points will be forfeit, and no notification will be given to the disqualified member.
Article 20 ‹Indemnity›
Our hotel group shall not bear any responsibility for damages incurred by the members caused by the services of our membership program except for intentionally or by gross negligence of our hotel groups.
Article 21 ‹Handling of Personal Information›
(1) Our hotel group may ask a member for his/her personal information to provide the services of the member hotels. We will not collect personal information from a member without his/her consent. When our hotel group asks a member for his/her personal information, the member hotel will reveal the purpose, use, and supply of the information before collecting the personal information. If the member declines to provide personal information, some services may not be available.
(2) Personal information will be used within the scope of the purpose conveyed to the members.
If there is a need to use members’ personal information beyond the scope of the purpose conveyed to members upon its collection, the members will be notified.
(3) Personal information collected from members by our hotel group will not be provided to third parties except the following cases: ◎When prior consent/approval is obtained from the member. ◎When the member uses a charged service or places an order, and payment and/or delivery of a product is required. ◎When personal information must be provided according to laws and regulations, etc.
(4) Any company to which our hotel group provides members’ personal information in any of the above cases shall be obliged to appropriately handle the personal information by contract as we do.
(5) Our hotel group may send information concerning current or future products and services of the member hotels or affiliated companies that might be useful for the members via e-mail or direct mail. Members may request removal from the e-mail and direct mail mailing lists from a member hotel.
(6) Our hotel group conducts strict safety measures for appropriate management of personal information collected from members and prevention of illegal access to, loss, damage, alteration, or leakage of members’ personal information.
(7) When a member requests disclosure, correction, or deletion of his/her personal information registered with our hotel group, he/she will be asked by the member hotel to present identification for confirmation, and the member hotel will process the request in accordance with the designated procedure. The member may be asked for a designated processing fee. If a member deletes part or all of his/her personal information, the services of our membership program may no longer be provided. Requests for deletion of information may be declined as they pertain to personal information maintained by our hotel group based on relevant laws and regulations.
(8) Our hotel group strives to conduct operations in accordance with the laws and regulations related to personal information protection.
(9) Our hotel group strives to continuously improve protection and handling of personal information.
Article 22 ‹Change of Contract›
This contract may be changed without notification to members. When changes are made to the contract, they are announced on the official website.
Article 23 ‹Termination of Membership Program›
Our hotel group may terminate this membership program, giving notification for a certain period of time prior to termination at the member hotels and on the official website. Accumulated points will be forfeit upon termination of the program, and members cannot use them after termination.
Article 24 ‹Agreement Jurisdictional Court›
If there is a need for litigation in connection with the transactions between the members and our hotel group based on this contract, it shall be subject to the agreement jurisdictional court of the Fukuoka District Court.
Article 25 ‹Other›
If any doubt arises as to the interpretation of the provisions of this contract, our hotel group shall resolve the issue under the principle of good faith, and members shall follow the resolution.

Revised on September 1, 2015